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Imicus, Novacaine, Summerfall..
At The Well, Luton. Saturday 2nd July 2005
By The Metatron

The Well is definitely THE place to be in Luton these days. Repainted, refitted and revitalised, bands come, fans come and the good times are back.

This Saturday brings us a heavy set from far and wide. With trains and coaches bringing the beer swilling masses, even I’m excited about this one.

Summerfall are tonight’s first band. Firm favourites in their native Bedford this (I believe) is their first visit to Luton, so the crowd reaction to this band and vice versa will be interesting.

They are a young, tall, scrawny looking band that are incredibly well rehearsed. They come from the screaming end of the metal spectrum, but have stated they are growing into more of a hard rock act.

The set is tight, well constructed and yes, you can see the progression in their music. All four members are hooked up for vocals, which can work well as they come in individually and in groups to complement the lead singer. The lead singer can sing and uses this to good effect, not just relying on his rather good scream technique.

The songs themselves are well put together, with variances within each song helping keep both interest and momentum, while the on stage performance never slows up.

Summerfall started the show like rabbits caught in headlights, without the familiar massive Bedford mosh pit in front of them, but talent will out. They won the crowd over and if these youngsters keep progressing at this rate and avoid the fads in musical styles, they could be rather hot property in a couple of years.

Second on the bill are Luton’s sleeping giants Novacaine.

If the previous band were good, then Novacaine take it one or two notches further. This band really does have everything. Power, intricacy, melody and lead vocals to die for.

Their song writing ability is amazing, with unusual guitar lines and drum patterns never swamping the overall effect, while the clever, solid bass keeps everything on track. It is a sad footnote that halfway through the set it is announced that the Bass player is leaving. The new man has much to live up to.

The lead singer has probably the best voice I have heard from an unsigned band, and while Novacaine are not as heavy as Summerfall, he can be held up against any other singer for both power and delicacy.

But all is not perfect with Novacaine. Although playing extremely well, the guitarist seems too quiet and in a little world of his own, perhaps he is insecure or shy. With his ability he should be revelling in his performance and playing to the crowd.

So the on stage antics fall to the front man. Bespectacled, grinning, innocent looking pretty boy and (as usual) pissed out of his face. He stumbles around, almost out of control of every bodily function except his voice, playing mainly to his 5 “best mates” at the front instead of the crowd in general. Entertaining, but too out of control.

Novacaine could be awesome, could play bigger venues, could entertain massive crowds with their music, but need to sort themselves out on stage. Just a little bit.

And then the headliners Imicus finally play Luton.

A 5-piece hybrid of the old Imicus and 2 members of Dilate, they are well connected, very well hyped and very loud.

They start up in a blaze of metal glory. Big noisy riffs, brutal beats and a lead guitarist who can solo like he’s been listening to Whitesnake and Van Halen all his life. A strange combination perhaps, but it does work.

With Miller on lead vocals, Imicus have hit on a really good combination, guitars, bass (6 string !), drums and vocals all able to whip any mosh pit into a frenzy.

They are energetic, fast, furious and do not ever let up during the set. It’s almost too much as the songs blur into each other, making you wish for something a little bit more subtle to break things up before the final onslaught.

The only problem is, it does sound like Dilate part 2, but darker and heavier. You feel like you’ve seen it all before on Kerrang TV. Not a bad thing, but after all the hype I was hoping for so much more.

Imicus will get bookings, they will become popular on the local circuit and they will entertain. The question is : Will they be able to use the undoubted musical and performing talent they have to become something that stands out from the masses ?

To sum up, a very good night was had by all, with three bands full of quality and promise. It was also good to see those faces from Bedford and Stevenage dropping in for the night.

What do you mean you couldn’t make it ? We’re just down the road you know and we don’t bite….. often.

The Metatron


Luton Calling (by The Metatron)

The Metatron can be contacted by e-mail at

You would think that in the height of the festival season, the live scene would be a little bit quiet. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The town has been throbbing with excellent, well-attended shows for the whole month. Enough kudos to all the performers, promoters and fans that managed to show up, despite blowing all their cash at bigger events.

And so to the detail.

Both The Park and The Well shows go from strength to strength, with the first "Vandalism Begins @ Home" showcase a particular success. Meanwhile, "PDM Promotions" monthly show at The Exchange and the new nights at The Edge are also drawing regular crowds.

On the band front we have some old friends returning, and some new ones surprising us.
Probably the best-connected and well-hyped band of the moment IMICUS, are finally on the road. We’ve heard all the talk, but can they live up to it? Luton finds out at The Well on July 2nd.

At the other end of the spectrum, little known Luton three piece PIRATE RADIO seem to have appeared from nowhere. This very young punk outfit play well and are very entertaining. It’s good to see newer talent like PIRATE RADIO and HAMMERFLUFF getting on stage and showing such potential and composure.

As for the return of some old friends, the FUZZY LUMPKINS returned from their national tour to play their last date in Luton on June 19th, while the rumours of LOOSE THREAD hitting the road with new material, after nearly two years absence, look to be coming true very, very soon.

For those who have ever played a guitar, wanted to play a guitar or just appreciate a master at work, the "Modest Music Group" present MICHAEL BERK at The Hat Factory on Saturday July 9th. Michael does things with an acoustic that defy the senses. A night not to be missed.

Rumours of "something big for August and September" are coming from the PHONIC RAPTURE camp, but nobody is saying what, exactly. Knowing these boys "big" will probably be an understatement. Meanwhile, EDGE CITY are recording and promise "an explosive return", soon, and THIRD LAW have an unprecedented number of shows in July (for them!), before recording in August.

Upcoming July shows include the next three "Vandalism" showcases at The Well, the "Luton Aid" (Pasque Hospice / Unicef) all dayer at the Student Union, and the two day / 18 act Bandfest presented by "Shoot the Sun".
But the biggest event of the summer will be "Hoofest" at the Luton Hoo on August 20th. "BURP" will present 11 bands from Luton and beyond plus a rumoured "big name" headliner, for this 1000 capacity open-air festival. We await details from The Big Cheese with baited breath.

And finally, as some of you may know, Live Circuit is about to change its format. I’m not sure exactly what Roger et al have planned. but I’m sure it will be for the benefit of all. We pass on many thanks to them for allowing us and previously Justin Saban, to raise the profile of Luton’s music scene through this newsletter / site. We hope that, whatever the new format, you will be able to keep up to date with what is happening. We are very proud of the growing, friendly and exciting scene we have and hope you all get to see some of our bands at some point in the future.

As always, go to the hub and home of Luton’s music for all details.

The Metatron


©2005 Roaring Teapot