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IMICUS: C.D. - 'Resolution'.
Imicus Records (2005).

Admittedly not the most colorful of covers in which the more you look in to the gray swearls, figures and shapes start to appear.

The whole sound comes over as remarkably professional for a self produced C.D. The opening INTRO is a bloody effective, surreal opening with an otherworldly embryonic sound. - Good fun in the studio was it?

SHADOWS has a progressive beat with a throbbing gallop and gorgeous guitar work with interludes of interspaced melodic sections, all powerfully sung using a mixed style to the vocals so they never come over samey or boring. There's an underlining feeling of real musicianship going on here.

YOUR LETTER ,is not opened with a paperknife of heavy intensity, instead having a ballad like opening with shared vocals and still mixing the growl and normal vocals in the way that bands like Opeth and Testament are good at achieving. It's a style that I quite like and this track demonstrates well how they can mix the gruff bluster, hard and heavy sound successfully with the soothing, mild and melodic together rather effectively.

Another ballad style opening to RETROSPECT with its dream like quality with not really that much going on, making it sound a tad dull and perhaps overlong. It has some stunning Maiden like riffery to the guitar work during the bridges though, a cross between lost preambling undirected sound, with really good guitar work.

As with a few of these tracks BREATHE has an all too steady opening, not capturing the intensity of a live gig and at one point almost comes to a standstill, along with pinging sounds to the guitar strings.

With a title like SERENITY you would probably be expecting another soft opening. It's faster paced though, with a gallop of drums and more growls to the vocals, which the vocalist does so well, here turning to a punk like barking gallop fused with metal riffs that has an almost Egyptian sound to the guitars. I cant say how much I'm enjoying the guitar work on this. A really good track and one for the mosh pit.

Another good track is WICKED PRAYER ,which has a story to the lyrics and an almost military precision to the percussion, with drums and guitars galloping in unison.

The last track before the epilogue DEMISE OF AN ANGEL has a really epic sound, sung and played with such passion, blending an Imicus trademark of 3 distinct styles - death metal growls, intricate guitar skills and melodic soothing tones. This is then followed by the EPILOGUE, which takes us back to the atmospheric laden opening.

Overall I think the C.D. not only demonstrates their intensity of their live gigs but also allows you to see other depths to their range and well worth looking out for at their C.D. permotion gigs.

Keith - ©


Imicus, with Novacaine and Summerfall.
The Well, High Town Luton.
Saturday 2nd July 2005.

Shoot The Sun Promotions in Luton put on what I thought was one of the best line ups at popular music venue – The Well that I have seen, featuring a Bedford favourite, a band I had only heard of but was interested to see and a headliner that had all the potential to be good, as some of the members hail from a favourite popular Luton band.
Although dressing like a bunch of chavs is my only complaint about SUMMERFALL, their music and style more than makes up for. Admittedly this was the band I had came to see, not knowing at the time just how good the other bands were going to be also. Their vocal style of elegantly smooth, incorporated with a harsh death like emotive screaming growl fitted I thought well with the other bands. At times I wondered where the sounds were emanating from only then remembering that the drummer gives a vocal burst at times also along with the two other players which gives them their bands individual sound, making them winner of best origional band award 2005 in Bedford, with their great sound, on stage presence and attitude.

That’s twice in two weeks I have been impressed with a Luton band (Stars Have Fallen in Bedford last week) and NOVACAINE this week, having only heard of them before I have to say I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over by their sheer presence and command of the crowd. I suppose it helps playing to their known friends at their local venue, where they are obviously liked, making The Well seem such a warm friendly intimate venue.
There are four people in the band whose singer left for a while to sing in amongst us making them quite interactive with their audience, he has quite a vocal range also which he demonstrated between asking for someone to bring him vodka and cokes. In short – a proper really good live act.

Another obviously popular with Luton band recently formed and with members from Luton faves Dilate, making IMICUS, a kind of supergroup. It is evident that each member is a top musician, with totally amazing guitar work and a six-string bassist that puts everything in to it, moving well on stage looking the part and not just lurking in the background.
Even their singer, with no instrument to get in his way, enables him to concentrate on his vocals, passionately sung using a varied range.
They have some really good material that has a kind of charged gallop running through.
I thought all the bands got a really good crowd response and The Well had a certain buzz about the place that night created by both the audience and the bands that were able to put on a show that got their known onlookers involved.

Review by Keith of

Dead Girl On Pavement and Penny Racers Last Journey
The Well, High Town, Luton
Friday 1st July

So, the second ‘VB@H’ night is upon us and already there are obstacles to overcome – Original headliners ‘Novocaine’ unfortunately had to pull out, leaving us with only two bands on the bill to enjoy, but raising the ‘words per band name’ ratio to an amazing 4 (rumors of ‘TheStarsHaveFallen’ joining the line up proved to be untrue)

The vandalism faithful were not shaken by this however, and another very respectable turn out appeared to watch two band who, in their own ways, surprised me greatly

First band of the night Penny Racers Last Journey had played the week previous in ‘The Park’ and I had been unimpressed, however tonight they held my attention. Sitting on the fence somewhere between punk and rock, they have a sound that can only be described a a wall of noise – there are some great riffs coming out of their guitarist and the rhythm section holds it all together well, they are slightly let down by the vocals however. I’m probably picky, but I would have liked a bit more variation – however there is a lot of potential on show and I’ll look forward to catching them again

Our other band of the evening, and new headliners by default, Dead Girl On Pavement were a breath of fresh air for me. They describe themselves as ‘Goth-Hop’ and for me that’s a bit of a red flag – I don’t like it when bands try and pigeonhole themselves, and I really don’t like Goth music – but whatever ‘Goth-Hop’ is, I’m sold. In the dark and dingy sweatbox that is The Well these guys filled out the stage with atmospheric guitar work and broody vocals. The lights worked well for them, and a smoke machine would not have gone amiss in places but alas was not to be. There were a few problems with backing tracks (they have no bassist or drummer, so this is pre-recorded) but only minor hiccups and easily overcome. I was very impressed with the guitar work which at times came across as a darker ‘Pink Floyd’, and the vocals were top notch – rarely overstated, which would have ruined the atmosphere, but her range was proved with a cover of Paula Cole’s ‘Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?’

All in all, a great night out. One good performance, one great one, and yet another success for the lads and lasses involve in ‘Vandalism’ - if I had them you’d get three thumbs up

Phonic Nik

Dead Girl on Pavement (Demo)


Not so long ago Luton was voted Britain’s worst town. This is understandable, as all it has is an airport and a big Vauxhall factory. Luton is a town which most people occasionally pass on their way into London on the M1 and just as quickly forget. But thankfully out of this godforsaken place, I have been given a reason to bother to visit Luton in the shape of DGOP.

It’s been a long while coming, but with DGOP we finally have a band that is capable of mixing downbeat morose vocals with effects-driven guitars, the likes of which have been missing in British music since the glory days of shoe-gazers and all things angst.

Karina Rosenberg’s vocals are a love them or hate them affair: imagine a party with all your favourite female vocalists (Siouxsie Sioux, Belinda Butcher and Tracey Thorn are in attendance). It was certainly refreshing to hear warm husky vocals sung, rather than the brash shouting that has of late dominated the music scene.

The music is clearly of the highest order – warm tones of chorus and delay are littered over the track Scar, with acoustic guitars strumming away in the background.

Scar’s subtleties are counter-balanced with the imtimidation which oozes from the track Wry Smile. DGOP use bruising guitars in creating a track full of claustrophobic connotations, which would easily impress doomsters of all varieties.

For this cynical reviewer, DGOP are quite simply incandescent with musical promise and intelligence. Living in such a crap town like Luton obviously heightens the emotionality of your music. DGOP can only go on in leaps and bounds if this demo is anything to go by.

4 out of 5.

Andrew Humbles (High Voltage).

Imicus, Triggerbox, Ardent Kicks.
Club 85, Hitchin. Saturday 24th June 2005
By Lil Tron

Its been a while since I’ve been across the road to Hitchin, but after all the hype about Imicus and this evening album launch I have to give it a go.

Before we get to that though, we have the support bands.

First band of the night Ardent Kicks are a very late addition to the lineup, apparently only added in the last couple of days due to a cancellation. However they soon make the stage their own, clearly used to using the abundant stage that Club 85 has to offer. Their songs are tight, and well played – coming across somewhere between emo and a more straight ahead rock sound. The band appears to be held together by a talented female bass player who, aswell as carrying the songs musically, also mouths along to the songs and proves to be another personality for the vocalist to bounce off of throughout their show. Which brings me to the vocalist, who for me was unfortunately the weak link. He seemed a little unsure of himself, which could have been down to hayfever which has been a thorn in the side of quite a few vocalists this summer, so I won’t hold it against him as he did show a lot of promise – however he does need to work on his stage show, as he seemed to spend most of the show dancing like a chicken, which for me took away from the seriousness of the music. Overall though, I was quite impressed and their set closer showed a variation in their music that most bands are missing

When Triggerbox took the stage I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The threepiece walked onto the stage looking like they had walked straight out of ‘Deliverance’ and the drummer sat down behind a kit with what looked like a casio keybord attatched to it. Then they started to play and it all made sense, if sense is what you can call it! Let me get one thing straight here, this band are amazing – every now and again a band appears and changes the way you see music, and this band are gonna be one of those. They come across somewhere between ‘The Presidents Of The United States’ and ‘Kid Rock’ and so much more to boot. Trust me, check these guys out live while you still can, as they have just signed a deal and in 6 months will be everywhere you look

Which left only the band of the night, Imicus. The hype machine has been rolling non stop on this band since they recruited their new vocalist and guitarist from Luton based band ‘Dilate’, and with an album to sell tonight off of the back of offloading 1000 copies of taster single ‘Breathe’ there is a lot to live up to. And they get close
I’ll start with the bad, to get it out of the way, and then explain why I think they’ll get there.
Their vocalist tonight appears to be struggling, which may be from the dreaded hayfever, or because of so much studio time recently, but at times it affects the impact of certain songs. And as a unit, you can tell they’re still finding their feet together. No matter the caliber of musicians involved, it always takes maybe 10 gigs or so for a band to hit a groove and learn to share a stage together – and these guys aren’t quite there yet. The songs aren’t as tight as I’m sure they would like them, and for some reason the bassist seems to be the focal point of the group, which is an odd dynamic
However, in time all this will change – they have a vocalist who, when back on form, will break hearts and faces in equal measure with his mixture of tender vocals and brutal screams. And they have a lead guitarist who was built for big stages, with solos and poses to match. And then we get to the songs – there’s nothing new here but what we do have is effectively a ‘Metallica’ for a new generation. A big metal sound, with good hooks and well played solos.
Give them time, and a bit of luck, and these boys could go far.

Akiva, Tilt, Dead Girl on Pavement.
At The Park. Luton. Sunday 29th May 2005
By The Metatron

Recently The Park changed it’s live format from weekly to monthly events and the change has been for the better.
Better promotion, organisation and now PA have meant that the bands performing are seeing bigger crowds in front of them. A win / win situation for everyone

Tonight we have three very different bands.

First up at Dead Girl on Pavement, an odd name for a very odd band.

Consisting of a female lead singer, two guitarists, but no bass or drums. The rhythm section seems to be produced from backing tapes or samplers.
The backing tapes do seem “muddied” for the first few songs but become more distinct as the performance goes on. The lead singer is clear enough, but does not inspire, while the two guitarists seem so intent on what they are playing, they ignore the audience.
In short, there is no show.

However their sound is interesting. Reminiscent of the early 80’s Goth scene (think Siouxie and the Banshees, Jesus and the Mary Chain and early Cure), D.G.O.P. would go down a storm in a dark, smoky, dungeon of a Goth club where the spirit of The Sisters of Mercy still lives on.

Unfortunately, as clever as the idea is, D.G.O.P.’s music does not transpose well to the light, open space of The Park, to an audience who mostly just don’t get it.

Second up is Tilt.

A standard looking four piece, lead vocals/guitarist, guitarist, bass and somewhere behind the amps a drummer.
As they launch into their first number and their second and their third, I think I’ve found an Oasis cover band.
No, I am assured buy a passing fan, this is their own material !

Don’t get me wrong here, these boys can play. They are well rehearsed, tight, with well structured songs, but it all sounds like Oasis, right down to the whining Gallagher’esque vocals.

Three quarters of the way through Tilt announce that they will now play 2 covers, so we get The Verve sounding like Oasis and Pink Floyd sounding like …… well you get the point.
At least with Comfortably Numb we get our first guitar solo worthy of the name.

Tilt work hard enough, although the bass player seems to enjoy looking at his amp rather than the crowd.
So if you can’t afford to see Liam and the boys, Tilt are an acceptable alternative.

Finally the BIG act of the night Akiva.

Last time I saw Akiva, they didn’t impress me. Tonight is very very different.

Clever use of a backing track introduces the first song, it’s punchy, strong and upbeat.

All of the band seems to enjoy being in front of a crowd and the practice gained from the extensive tour they are undergoing pays off. Both bass and guitar player grin and sing along while the front man punches the air in a classic Roger Daltrey style.

The whole set is varied, catchy, entertaining with the front man switching to guitar and then keyboards. All of the band can obviously play and enjoy doing it, but it is the whole rather than the individual that really shines through.

Akiva are superior, slick, well produced Indie Rock, touring with their latest CD and riding high in the Pulse Unsigned charts for a second month.

Buy the CD, vote and catch them live, but most of all enjoy their music and performances.

The Metatron

Filmstock Launch – Market Hill Luton 26th May 2005.

Daze One – Lime – Bowfinger – The Yaks

Sup up your beer and collect your fags - there’s a row goin’ on down near er… Debenhams?

The sixth annual Filmstock Festival starts tonight with an open air screening of Charlie & the Chocolate factory with support from four live bands.

The Yaks

The Yaks are down from Liverpool to play this event and also to play a gig @ Luton University’s Sub-Club, 27th May.

They play a kind of melodic, angsty rock to open up proceedings.Whilst well received by the crowd, their set never really sparkles tonight and they come across rather ordinary and pedestrian.


Flying the flag for Luton are Bowfinger, who I must admit I’ve been listening to online for a few days.

Whilst aware of their formidable reputation, prior to tonight I was slightly sceptical about them. The recordings that I’ve heard sound slightly flat and one-dimensional.

Live however Bowfinger are a totally different proposition. From the word go they’re on fire, storming through their set with an adrenaline-fuelled swagger.

A tight & powerful live band playing Mod influenced catchy Rock tunes.

Bowfinger impressed the Hell outta me - everything a good Rock band should be. Think of the Jam in their heyday – a total crowd pleaser.


Eight piece band with lots of percussion and a brass section.

After their opening number, an instrumental, I was afraid that it was going to be a rather long half hour.

My fears were unfounded though as for their second tune their lead singer appeared for a cover of Brand New Heavies’ tune ‘Apparently Nothing’.

What a voice this girl has - Shara Nelson meets Aretha Franklin, very, very impressive.

Lime play a couple more instrumentals which I recognise but couldn’t tell you the name of and close their set with covers of ‘Fever’ & James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good’.

Entertaining stuff - adding to the party atmosphere of the night.

With a lead singer this good & musicians this talented I’d like to hear them do some original material.

Daze One

Introspective, Indie Rock from Brighton, with quite a large tip of the hat toward Idlewild.

Enjoyed their music but I can’t help thinking they were wrongly placed on the bill.

Following Bowfinger’s incendiary set & Lime’s carnival atmosphere would have been no easy task if you were the Rolling Stones. Daze One understandably look a little lost.

They do get into it however, the crowd like them and by the end Daze One look as if they’re really enjoying themselves.

The crowd clap along to their set closer and a good time was had by all.

Good stuff but not headline material yet.

Overall a hugely enjoyable night – Hat’s off to the Filmstock boys once more!

Filmstock kicks off in earnest Wednesday June 1st with a screening of Undertow at Cineworld - Website

Bowfinger are playing Luton Carnival Monday May 30th (12:45 Market Hill) - Catch ‘em if you can! - Website

The Ultimate Truth

Oxen Road 20th May 2005


Having heard these guys on Myspace, I was immediately impressed & I’ve been listening to their 3 Demo songs off & on for a week or so. I didn’t however realise just how young they are.

Seeing them live, I’m not so much impressed as Blown Away!

Mixing Punk with a Ska feel - Not an un-trodden path I know - but they play with SO much energy! Energy that comes from youth I guess.

Anyone reading this should go see this band live as soon as possible – they made me feel young again. Inspirational!

A Teenage Riot!


The Occasion simply exude COOL! As any band with a thin-line telecaster should!

Twin guitars compliment each other perfectly in a ‘seemingly’ effortless way.

Bass & drums are both tight & slick.

Frontman Andy has the voice of an angel & you simply know he’s singing from the heart. His lyrics are un-guarded, heartfelt & charming.

The Occasion play it quite straight tonight with the exception of the last song, a new one, which points toward a more raucous future.

If they were to really let themselves go, they really might surprise us & possibly themselves too.

An absolutely spot-on performance!


Hmm – Haven’t got much to say really…

The songs were performed professionally enough but there seems to be some kind of indecision as to whether this is a band or a solo artist with backing musicians.

Hat’s off to the guy who was ‘Stand-in’ drummer tonight – you did the band / artist proud.

Came across with a 60s kinda feel, (The Zombies / Animals), with Jeff Buckley pretensions.


They sound like The Godfathers - Imagine the Hives jamming with Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

Personally I didn't like them at all - but lots of people did.


Had to leave before they played (as my girly was tired) but the anticipation was HUGE – I’m sure you rocked guys – but I’ll have to wait till the Filmstock thing to see you again. Looking forward to it!

Respect to Justin Saban, (Latent Lemon) who I’m sure had a large hand in putting this night together & Remedy Sound did a great job with the er… sound.

The Ultimate Truth

Sameday Service, The Kindred, Girls Hits Boy, Hammerfluff
At The Well, Luton. Thursday 21st April 2005
By The Metatron

It's good to see The Well now putting on live bands itself after the big audiences generated by the "Shoot The Sun" and "Weight Promotions" nights.

Tonight also had a sizable crowd looking forward to a night of punk music.

First on are a relatively new band Hammerfluff.
I felt full of dread as the group of over excited friends and family (one as young as 7 !) gather at the front and the band climbed onstage, looking like they are still years away from puberty.
Very young band, inexperienced, first slot, Oh God what had I let myself in for ?

So it was a very pleasant surprise when Hammerfluff got stuck in and showed competency beyond their years.
A tight little 4 piece of lads and a young floppy haired girl on guitar and vocals, playing generic Nu-Punk with pace and a fair bit of flair.
Quite like the numerous Green Day / Blink 182 clones around today, but with an almost Iron Maiden edge at times (Whom I'm sure they have never even heard of. LOL)
Backing vocals worked well and when they switched to the lads leading and the girl screaming / growling, it was rather aggressive.

By no means the finished article, but entertaining and proving that even a new band can play their own stuff well and entertain a crowd.

Second up are another local band promoting themselves like crazy, Girl Hits Boy.
Again I get the feeling of dread returning as this ragged bunch of lads fumble about on stage, taking FOREVER to get ready.
Unfortunately this time all my worst fears are realised, as Girl Hits Boy stumble into their first "song".

Unable to stay in time with each other, or even at a constant pace (the drumming speeding up and slowing down as the band become confused and disjointed), GHB look and sound like they have been practicing in their bedrooms, probably not in the same house or at the same time.

I think they were aiming at the same territory as Hammerfluff, but missed by a mile. 2 cover versions were also murdered during their set and there was more chat between songs than actual music.

However there were highlights.
One of the guitarists generating an bizarre type of Oedipus complex and singing about one of the other band members mum how she "had it really going on", the cuddly hippo almost falling off the PA and the band resorting to getting the crowd to cheer for the other bands.

Let's hear it for Hammefluff - BIG CHEER.
Let's here it for The Kindred - BIG CHEER.
Let's hear it for Sameday Service - BIG CHEER.
Let's hear it for Girl Hits Boy - GROAN.
Says it all really.

So to rescue the night are The Kindred, back for various universities and widely regarded as Luton's top Nu-Punk band.

With the large contingent of the "XLD" ready to lap it up, The Kindred boys did not disappoint.
This band are huge Green Day fans and it shows in their music, but this is also a band which seems to be undergoing a change in direction.
Their material seems to fall into 3 basic categories, Punk, a bit of Metal, then at times very very Rock.
I would suggest that their range of musical taste and therefore influences has widened recently and that has improved their own music dramatically.

The set is varied, almost to the point of getting lost, as the pit stops to work out if they can get carried away to the next song, but flawlessly played and professionally presented.

Rumour has it they may be looking to expand to a 4 piece, a promising and exciting thought.
The only down side may have been that they over played their set time (sometimes less is more boys), but I don't think the XLD cared at all.

And so to the headline act of the night, Sameday Service.
This 3 girl Punk act all the way from Texas USA, have been on a 2 week tour of the country and expectations were high.

With twins (guitar and drums) both singing and an unstoppable mosh monster on bass, they kicked out by the numbers Punk which was not too aggressive.
Vocals are clear and harmonise fairly well, instruments are played well if simply and it's quite a feast for the eyes of the eager young lads at the front.

Sameday Service have obviously had lots of live experience and were an enjoyable way to round the night off, but I found their material to be a bit easy to predict and ultimately unsatisfying.

However enough praise to them simply for getting off their backsides and touring our little old country, with music they believe in.
They show the kind of ambition, professionalism and organisation that many of our own bands should try to emulate.

To sum up, another entertaining and well supported night at The Well. With more dates to follow this venue just won't die.
And that is a damn good thing.

The Metatron

Atakku, Dilate, Bilker, Alpha High
At The Well, Luton. Saturday March 26th 2005.
By lil’ Tron

This is the first night put on at this venue for almost a year by Luton based ‘The Weight Promotions’ and, judging by the rumors flying around the building tonight, is to be the last. Although at the start of the night we are led to believe this is down to the venue, by the end of the night I find myself questioning whether it is indeed down to the ineptitude of the ‘promoters’ themselves.

Anyway, enough with the cynicism, and on with the bands

As ALPHA HIGH take the stage my attention is immediately drawn to the colossal afro adorned by their bassist, but alas, this does not appear to be the house that funk built. They start well, with an instrumental piece, but soon their sound begins to fall apart. Admittedly they are interrupted twice by microphone problems, but I can’t help thinking that this is a band that has rushed into gigging before they are ready? They lack any tightness, the vocalist appears bored on stage and sounds like he’s struggling, and they play one song twice. However, in their favor, they occasionally stumble upon a decent hook, and their guitarist has some clever ideas. Back into the practice rooms for a few more months, and they might reemerge as something listenable

Next up we have BILKER, who I’ve heard good things about, but have not yet seen, so I’m ready for a treat – and I almost get one, almost. They have a fairly tight sound, and when their vocalist opens his throat and screams they certainly show a lot of promise. Unfortunately, he also has a tendency to ‘sing’, which doesn’t seem a strong point as he seems to be tone deaf! Once again we are subjected to a large gap in the middle of the set, as the ‘Sound Engineer’ seems to struggle with the simplest of tasks, and after much faffing about and swapping of microphones, they get back under way. They put on a good show, get the crowd going, and certainly create a lot of energy – as is evident by the sweat pouring off of their vocalist, but I feel that, maybe if they played to their strengths, they could be so much more

DILATE are probably one of my favorite ‘local’ acts, and I find myself looking forward to their set, knowing I’ll get something good – I was wrong. I’m probably coming across as harsh, but I want to get a couple of things clear – the sound quality tonight is awful, so bands are really struggling to sound like they should. And tonight, let’s be clear on this, tonight Dilate are abysmal. If you’ve ever watched a ‘pub cover band’ you might catch my drift on this one, you know the songs, know how good they should sound, but for some reason there is a band on stage murdering them. Their vocalist seems tired, their guitarist is complaining about a sore hand, and the whole set is really, really loose. It’s a shame, but they still manage to put a smile everyone’s face when their vocalist is almost hospitalized by an overexcited fan in the pit, but emerges grinning from ear to ear

Final band of the night are ATAKKU, hometown boys who have been getting a lot of attention in the rock press about their recent tour and upcoming album ‘Dark Acts Of Friendship’. From the moment they step on stage you can sense the experience in them – they are tight as hell, they are full of energy, microphone troubles are dealt with without breaking up the flow, and they have a fantastic vocalist who comes across as the personification of rage. I will be looking forward to the album, as their sound does not let up throughout the entire set – it is shear brutality, never letting you catch your breath. The set is however disappointingly short, and you can see their frustration with certain over zealous people in the audience. By the time they walk off stage you get the feeling you have just watched a band ‘going through the motions’, and I was left wondering what the experience would be like if they were truly on the ball.

The Metatron

Reverie, I Am The Door, Eyelash
At The Well, Luton. Friday March 25th 2005
By The Metatron

The end of a month and the extended Easter weekend seems to be, judging by the size of the crowd, a great time to rejuvenate The Well with a live double header.

Friday night is presented by Shoot the Sun artist development, who have hired the services of Remedy Sound’s PA and expertise, to showcase 3 unsigned bands.

Luton band REVERIE are first up tonight. One time big local name, Reverie have had to endure the loss of two members. Now back to full strength they launch into a very atmospheric Indie set.
Dark and moody and looking like they have come straight from the Student Union itself, they have obvious technical ability but fail to connect with most of the crowd.
Their set seems to depend on the effects generated as they come across a bit like Radiohead with more pedals, which in itself is no bad thing, but with no obvious hooks in their music I find that by the end of the night I can’t remember a single song.
In need of more presence and “show” on stage, it will be interesting to see how Reverie develop with their new members.

Second band tonight are I AM THE DOOR. A few rungs further up the Indie evolutionary ladder than the first band, I Am The Door have played all over the country and even had some airplay on Radio 1 Unsigned.
Coming across like The Cure on speed, but with more balls, and a touch of U2 guitars, they have certainly found their own sound.
Technically adept with well crafted songs, they raise the curiosity of a crowd that knows nothing about them, but at times come across as muddled and lacking in stage craft.
Not the most frenzied or exciting performance, but entertaining and satisfying if you enjoy reading the NME.

Headlining tonight are EYELASH. Having played in Luton a couple of weeks previously some of the audience are familiar with the bands music.
Having seen this band once before, I found that each song came back to me as it started, always a good sign.
Confident and proficient on stage, with a very strong image, Eyelash play pop/rock which is both catchy and powerful.
The band themselves each have “a look”, Red haired metal drummer, smiling sexy female bass player, suited-cool as a cucumber guitarist and a bouncy cheerleader of a lead singer.
This is extremely catchy bubble gum rock taken one step further, with a raw edge that hints at what Transvision Vamp could have been if they had been this talented.
With excellent musicianship and not just the bass player, but also the guitarist adding harmonies to the strong lead vocals, Eyelash’s sound is impressive.
By far the best band on the night and one of the best I’ve seen for a while, ensure you catch them if they play near you.

The Metatron



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