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Sprinkling Fairy Dust On The Ingrates...
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Akiva - High Octane Adventures (Clip)

Bowfinger - Disagree

Dead Girl On Pavement - Wry Smile

Drive Like Casey - Losing Our Mind

Fuzzy Lumpkins - Freedom

Imicus - Breathe

The Kindred - NME

The Knockouts - The Chicken Incident

Novacaine - Utopia/ The End / Left Behind

The Occasion - New Light

Phonic Rapture - Monkey See, Monkey Do (Clip)

Pirate Radio - Tear It Up / Feedback / Cliche

Reverie - Now That I'm

The Stars Have Fallen - Images That Repeat / Love Hate Kill

Sunflies - Forever

Third Law - Running (Live)

©2005 Roaring Teapot